Facebook is a Predictor of One’s Personality

An interesting study was presented at The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems in Vancouver this week by a team from the Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Maryland.  The study, entitled “Predicting Personality with Social Media“, presents a method by which a user’s personality can be accurately predicted through the publicly available information on their Facebook profile.  For a summary of the study, you can read this Discovery article.

The results of this study doesn’t surprise us.  This is what we are trying to communicate in the My Impression area of the Reppler service.  My Impression tries to reflect how a Facebook user could be perceived by others when they look at the user’s Facebook profile.

As more and more people look at the Facebook profile of others for various purposes – screen a job candidate, check out a potential date, etc. – how a person is perceived by others on Facebook can have a significant impact.  Over time, we hope to incorporate learnings from studies like this as we improve the Reppler service.

What do you think about this study?  Do you think your Facebook profile reflects your personality?

2 Responses to Facebook is a Predictor of One’s Personality

  1. i suspect it is a reflection of some sides of people’s personalities. for those in control of what they offer publically online it will be a small picture, for those who are very emotional with little self control and maturity it is likely to reveal this.

  2. Facebook is not an accurate predictor of personality and character traits as it is just the “surface” of what people wish to reveal. http:www.personalitypredictors.com is an innovative system based on the observational art of Physiognomy where personality types and character types can be more accurately determined through analysis of the PHYSICAL characteristics of an individual combining the facial characteristics and body types of a person and seeing where they best fit in the 7 basic types. People who look alike tend to have certain behavior patterns. It is in the DNA. We are born with a personality blueprint.

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