Comprenez-vous le Francais? Reppler does.

When we launched Reppler in April, we were surprised by how many people from France signed up for the service.  At the same time, we felt bad because we knew all of our French-speaking users were going to be disappointed once they got into the service since we didn’t support the French language.  Well, today we are happy to announce that the Reppler service now supports French.  This support enables the Reppler service to understand posts and comments made in French on a user’s Facebook Wall and to give users feedback on the tone of the language on their Wall and potentially inappropriate content found.  For now, the Reppler website and the service’s user interface remain in English.  We are considering providing a complete French version in the future.

In retrospect, we shouldn’t have been too surprised about the interest of a service like Reppler in France.  Privacy and one’s online reputation are hot topics in France and in Europe, in general.  Since it is so easy for anonymous users to negatively affect the reputation of others, especially with online services like Facebook and Twitter, in early 2010, France considered a law that would have given users the option to have old online data about themselves deleted.  This law, known as the “right to forget” law, would have forced online and mobile firms to dispose of emails and text messages after an agreed length of time or on the request of the individual concerned.  The law didn’t pass but now there is a similar law being debated in Europe.

With such interest in this topic in Europe, we plan to support other languages, like Spanish and German, in the future.  In the meantime, we say “Bienvenue” to our French-speaking users and we welcome any feedback so that we can improve our support of the French language.


2 Responses to Comprenez-vous le Francais? Reppler does.

  1. virginie says:

    I’m french, I’m a user of the Reppler Website. The language doesn’t matter. I’m glad to use such a site. Thanks for my social reputation, and for all citizen french, german, spanish,….english^^

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