Job-Seekers Turn To Professional Networking Apps On Facebook

Professional networking with social media sites is a growing trend among job-seekers, and while the majority still uses social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter as personal branding tools, others are starting to focus on the biggest network of them all: Facebook.

Facebook has become more than just a way to connect with friends, and plays an increasingly important role in the job search nowadays. Professional networking applications like BranchOut and BeKnown make job-hunting via Facebook more and more attractive, but also require Facebook users to monitor their profiles more closely in order to project a clean, safe and professional image.

BranchOut is currently the largest professional networking service on Facebook with over 800,000 users, and more than 3 million jobs and 20,000 internships to search from. BranchOut users create professional profiles by importing professional data from their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, including employment histories, skills and education. The app allows you to search for companies and then shows you all your friends who either work there or know someone who does. At the same time, companies and individuals can post job openings, which you can share amongst your friends.

Over the weekend, another professional networking app for Facebook entered the market. The recruitment website Monster launched a professional social networking rival to BranchOut and LinkedIn. Monster’s estimated 700 million users will be able to import their information to the Facebook app BeKnown and set up their own networks there. To set up a BeKnown account, users must invite friends on Facebook or other accounts like Twitter, Gmail and LinkedIn. In order to differentiate itself from BranchOut and LinkedIn, Monster added special features to the app, such as badges that users receive when they complete certain professional goals, like graduating from college.

Since Facebook is the largest social networking site with over 750 million users, it is an excellent way to advance your job search if you use the right strategies. Job search via Facebook is particularly attractive to recent college graduates because it gives them a chance to make far more connections than they could solely through in-person networking. However, job-hunters should be extremely careful about what they put on their Facebook profiles. Crazy party pictures or inappropriate content on your wall can damage your reputation and limit your chances of successfully connecting with potential employers.

We recommend users to clean up their profiles before they use their Facebook account to track down job leads, and to have Reppler continuously monitor your Facebook profile. Set up your Reppler account so that you will be notified as soon as flagged content shows up on your profile. Keeping a clean and professional image is the first step towards a promising job-hunt!

Have you used Facebook for job-hunting before? If so, what was your experience?


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