New Survey Reveals Increase in Job Recruiting Through Social Media

If you are currently looking for a new job, keep in mind that social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are some of the most important tools to attract potential employers. A new survey conducted by Jobvite, the leading recruiting platform of the social web, illustrates that more and more employers are using social networking sites to screen potential employees. While the survey focuses mainly on companies’ recruiting efforts, it nevertheless reflects how social networking sites have become an integral part of the hiring process.

Significant survey results:

  • 45% of the respondents always search for candidate profiles (compared to 35% in 2010)
  • 64% have successfully hired a candidate through the a social network
  • 89% will recruit in social networks this year
  • 78% expect increased competition for hires this year

A rise in social media recruiting also increases your responsibility to monitor your online presence more closely, as inappropriate content on social networking sites like Facebook can damage your reputation and limit your chances of being hired.  Clean up your social networking sites and use a monitoring service like Reppler to ensure that you project a professional and safe image at all times!


One Response to New Survey Reveals Increase in Job Recruiting Through Social Media

  1. Thanks for this report. Indeed, the growth of social media has made it more convenient for job recruiters to get their candidates. By reading job seekers profiles, comments and contributions on social networking sites, employers can know a great deal about their prospective employees. And that’s why it is important, just as you said to be careful what you post out there online, you never know it might cost you that job.

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